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An ideal solution to create trendy, large-size terrace and balcony glazing to give interiors a unique feel.

With its extremely durable structure, this terrace system supports leaves up to 400 kg. A low aluminium threshold that can be hidden in the floor adds to its excellent functionality.


EPDM GASKETS                                     3

THERMAL TRANSMITTANCE           Uw = 0,71 W/(m2K)*

NUMBER OF CHAMBERS                   7

INSTALLATION DEPTH                        194 mm

GLASS PACKAGES                                 36-52 mm




PVC terrace system colour range

Choose the colour that suits you Over 30 veneer colours to choose from.


DRUTEX, with over 25 years of experience in the production of composite glass, offers a very wide range of glass with which you can fit your windows and doors. They meet strict requirements for energy efficiency and sound insulation. The offer also includes laminated glass (safe and burglar-proof), sun protected glass, glass with enhanced sound insulation, tempered, ornamental and sandblasted glass.

PVC terrace systems

Create the terrace system that will meet your expectations.

Muntin bars

Muntin bars will add classic and timeless style to your windows and doors.

Sandblasted glass

Express your unique style on your windows and doors. We offer the possibility of creating any sandblasting pattern in three shades of gray.