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About Us


Our Mission

We are going to deliver high quality windows and doors at low prices compared to leading UK companies. Our manufacturer has almost four decades of experience in designing windows, doors and roller shutters that has led to the highest level of technological sophistication, excellent quality and professionalism in operation. During this time, they have created a brand that is recognised worldwide and valued and awarded by both independent expert bodies and customers. We are proud to be partners with Drutex and deliver products directly from the manufacturer (no extra cost for 3rd parties). Once you see our products, you won’t look in the directions of standard UK windows and doors. We want you to be independent and let your imagination to create windows and doors in design and colours that you want in your dream home.  Stop being limited by small range of designs and high prices for basic products. 


Our Vision

High quality windows available for low price

No limits- choose the design that you like and don’t be limited by basic 4 colours/ options

No waiting- don’t wait for 12 weeks for your windows when you can have them within 2 weeks


Fast delivery

Orders are completed within 2-4 weeks 

Quality of products 

We’re supplying our products from one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe. Energy efficiency exceeds highest standards in the UK


5 years on just products 
10 years if products are fitted by us

COVID-19 won’t stop us 

Our manufacturer has emergency supplies for the next 6 months. Even if the entire supply chain breaks, our manufacturer will be still able to go on for another 6 months. 

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