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A 5-chamber system features very good thermal insulation parameters. Our innovative solution is based on a snow-white A-class profile made exclusively of primary materials to ensure the highest quality. These windows are perfect for both warm and cold climates.


High quality at an attractive price

Windows appreciated by Customers across the globe. They feature not only very good thermal insulation parameters but also excellent aesthetic values. With a wide range of Renolit veneers and numerous additional options, we can create the windows that will meet the expectations of the most demanding Customers.

IGLO 5 Classic

Proven solutions mean customer satisfaction

An innovative and original 7-chamber A-class profile made exclusively of primary materials. The world's first system using a central gasket made of foamed EPDM to ensure the best energy efficiency parameters. Iglo Energy windows also stand out for their perfect parameters in terms of water tightness, microventilation and resistance to wind.

IGLO Energy

SKU: 364215376135191

A unique design where you can choose the square-shaped glazing bead to reflect the latest architectural trends. The remarkable thermal insulation parameters are ensured by the optimum 7-chamber profile structure, a specially designed sealing system made of foamed EPDM and glass packages with high thermal insulation parameters.

IGLO Energy Classic

The best parameters concealed in modern design







Excellent parameters and durability of aluminium


SOFTLINE- 68, 78, 88

Durability and beauty of nature

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